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My gopro 5 black over heating

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Also the little sticker to pull up the battery came out. Please help
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Re: My gopro 5 black over heating

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Hi @pocahontas78


For cameras that feature unique high-performance video modes: 2.7K and higher resolutions, and/or frame rates above 60fps, it is normal for the camera to become warm and use more power when using these modes.
Other factors that can increase camera temperature and power consumption, and decreases camera recording time. 

  • Lack of airflow around the camera
  • Using the camera with the GoPro App

If the camera gets too hot, a message appears on the screen indicating that the camera is shutting down. The camera stops recording, saves your video, disconnects from the GoPro App, and powers off. If this happens, let your camera sit and cool before attempting to use it again. 

For extended recording time in high-performance video modes, capture shorter video clips when in stationary use, and/or limit your use of features that increase power consumption, such as the GoPro App. To control your camera remotely at higher temperatures, use the GoPro remote instead of the GoPro App.


It is also recommended to use one of the SD cards found on this list. These are the ones that work well with GoPro cameras.


Here's how you can remove the battery without the tab,


Let us know how it goes.