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My desktop Mac would not recognise my Hero 3 .

My desktop Mac would not recognise my newly acquired Hero 3+. Tried Image Capture and everything worked. The next day it didn't. Downloaded Quik and that did not recognise the camera either.. Contacted Apple Support and eventually we set up a test user account and both Image Capture and Quik worked. Went back into my User account and again both worked. Apple is at a loss to explain it and asked me to contact you to see if you may have any possible explanation or suggestion. Cheers - Drew Winson

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Re: My desktop Mac would not recognise my Hero 3 .


Hi @redjump12475


Do know the exact reason but it might be due to corrupted files/setup or user account and it was corrected by doing that. 

You may contact GoPro Customer Support for their opinion. 


They are available via phone or chat:



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