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My case has been closed but not yet settled

Hi, i need some help.
I already tried to contact gopro but my case was closed. Since i have to wait for 7 hours for the live chat. I decided again to go here.
To make my story short, 3 days ago i went swimming with my goprohero7black in a 5ft swimming pool. then my gopro is failing, i heard some crackling sounds twice before it went shut off. i cant turn on the gopro for 2 days. i tried everything but nothing happened so i reached the gopro support through live chat. i followed the requirements so while testing it before i record a video, thats when i plugged it to charge, i saw the red light. and it went on. It works normal. But i had a doubt about the audio so i retest again. submerged it into a pail of water. thats when i figured out that i guess somehow the water is leaking. not in the battery compartment or in the charging port. but i guess it went through the hole of the mic. I recorded a video directly from gopro and in the video i can hear some water is externally dry since i left it already for 12 hours. Is there any chance i can get a replacement? I bought it last November 15
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Re: My case has been closed but not yet settled

Hi @grayshore85510


Sorry if you are having troubles getting through.

While water damage is usually not covered by the warranty, our Support Team should be able to check your options.

Please continue working with them regarding your case.

They are available by phone or chat through



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Re: My case has been closed but not yet settled

 Biggest mistake We all can do is NOT get the Plus pkg  that would have  taken care of a water damage camera only  way GoPro will accept water damage.    that said WE wish ourselves good luck on any water or even any  fault gopro offers us without a warranty  anymore.

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Re: My case has been closed but not yet settled

for an update: a warranty replacement was confirmed. the ups also picked my unit early this afternoon. :)