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My brand new Gopro hero 5 black doesn't turn off

After downloading the latest software my hero 5 turns off when I  long press the mode button .

Then a few seconds later turns itself back on. This should not happen and battery removal is not a fix nor an option.

Please help. Thanks


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Re: My brand new Gopro hero 5 black doesn't turn off

sorry to hearseems there are a few others as well with your issue, no resolution or fix.


Forum Gopro Team will tell you  to call or chat, contact gopro so they can work with you.   Report back with the fix the offer I am sure they will replace the faulty camera?


If you purchased this new and has a return Policy I do that first, do not let it expire. then warranty service, you must have the receipt .  sorry to hear. Pleasedo report back with the fix....