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My Hero 6 has incredible skills !!!

... and they need no comments, just follow the link below :


I'd really like to say that it is still a good camera, unfortunately I have two and both suffer the same **bleep** problems.

I cannot be so unlucky... or yes ?...

I don't know if I'm the only one to experiment these sort of extraterrestrial phenomenon, but in any case this cam has serious problems and the update didn't solve anything.
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Re: My Hero 6 has incredible skills !!!


Hi @superriver57633,


Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Please try to reset your camera or install a new firmware manually:





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Re: My Hero 6 has incredible skills !!!

Thanx for answering,


I've already tried all Gopro support and help recommendations and fixes, but manual update worked on the first Hero 6 but issues are the same, and impossible to achieve manual update on the second Hero 6, the cam simply doesn't found the files on the SD.

Tried several cards and same result.


Maybe the "Made in China" has reached its own limits in Gopro's cams and there's nothing to manage with it...

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Re: My Hero 6 has incredible skills !!!

Finally today ends my Gopro experiment, too many issues with this cam.

I 've had full refund in local shop, and I think it's better to wait a while before re-trying another story with this brand.


... meanwhile I gonna try some other Made in China products ;-)

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Re: My Hero 6 has incredible skills !!!

What did you have plugged into your cameras? Those aren't GoPro cables.

Anyway, best of luck.

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Re: My Hero 6 has incredible skills !!!

Indeed,  finely observed, these are not Gopro cables, these are my OEM HTC U11+ cables.

And so ?...

Non-gopro cables would be the main cause of all the visible operating aberrations in the video?...

... mmhh...

Maybe also that the desk under the camera is in absolute contradicition with the Hero's environmental recommended preferencies, who knows ?...