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My Gopro can't read SD cards

Before I came here I had already tried two formatted sd cards and both were unreadable by my gopro hero 5 session, it gave me "SD Error" and then it would say would you like to format this SD card, and I'd accept although the SD card was already clear and then nothing would happen leaving me there with an "SD Error" even if you chose not to format the already formatted SD card it still gives you the "SD Error" it's not the SD card it's the gopro's ability to read it. I need a solution.


Btw if this helps my gopro takes micro SD cards althoyugh that's obvious

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Re: My Gopro can't read SD cards

Sounds like the GoPro is having issues reading the SD card.  There's two things that can cause this. 

A:  Dirty contacts in the SD card slot.  You may be able to purchase an SD card slot cleaner to fix this.

B:  Hardware failure.  In which case if your camera is in warranty, you'll need to contact GoPro support directly to see if they can help you.