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My Gopro Hero 5 black, glass screen cracked for an unknown reason!

I had my, Gopro hero 5 back, in my backpack and took it out and the whole front screen is cracked! I don't know how it happened unfourtanetly. I keep trying to get in contact with a representitive, but I'm either always on hold for over 20 minutes, or it says all of the team members are busy! I really would like to get it fixed, because I haven't been using it so no further damage is resulted in it. What should I do?

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Re: My Gopro Hero 5 black, glass screen cracked for an unknown reason!

SOrry to hear you broke your screen.    the camera  should have not been loosely in  your pack as something  hith teright spot and broke it.  

 neglegence  on your part (not offending) or accedental,  you  will have to get with gopro  Allow a few hours to the end of the call. and may have to repeat.


GoPro does not repair, they only sell , a sales market, they will listen to youur story and determine what is best.   if they will   accept this as a one time favour to replace , or discount.  


you will get an RMA and pay for shipping the most gopro offers on   a replacement is a discount of up to 40% off a new camera  if not covered. that is the  price of the Trade up program


SOrry that your cam broke next time you iwll makesure its in a better spot, betterh the front screen then the back,   good luck , keep the site posted what they did