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My GoPro Keeps Deleting Videos After I Upload


When I was uploading videos tonight onto my computer I checked a box that said after my videos would upload on my computer they would delete off my camera and so I thought it would be fine but I realized after my GoPro was completely empty that I still wanted those videos on camera. Now I've been looking for that box to un-check but I can't find it. How do I reverse what I did and get my camera back to normal.

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Re: My GoPro Keeps Deleting Videos After I Upload

Your camera is still the same as it was, the only thing that's changed is the Quik app (for PC) or GoPro App (for android or iPhone).  In there is the option for deleting the files after upload.  So you need to open whichever program you use to remove the file from your camera and select the option (usually in preferences) that says "delete after upload".