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My GoPro Hero 6 Has Horrible White Balance Issue When Using Timelapse Video Function

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I record drive lapses with my GoPro Hero 6 mounted to the dashboard using the timelapse video function and the white balance is so inconsistent that the camera is nearly unusable. Sometimes it'll have a gross looking greenish-yellow sheen and other times the camera will make the scene almost completely blue. 


This problem is especially prevalent when it is cloudy outside and in the mornings as the sun is rising. Sunsets are also plagued with blue colors as the GoPro's white balance doesn't seem to allow any yellow-oange color on the screen without overwhelming the scene with cold tones. I've spoken with support before and they told me to change the white balance settings within the video function so that they're locked. This was because the timelapse video is "just a special form of a normal video". This did not work. 


Any help here would be greatly appreciated as I am concerned I just wasted nearly $300 for a camera that I cannot use for the function I intended to use it for most. 


Before mentioning using the normal video function and speeding it up in post, that uses way too much storage and the shutter speed is far too fast for driving at night. I also would prefer not to use the timelapse-photo function since it also requires more storage and I'll have to stitch all of the photos together in post production. This is an added time commitment that I'd rather not subject myself to if I can get the normal timelapse video function working. 


Thank you in advanced for anyone who tries to help me out here. 



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Re: My GoPro Hero 6 Has Horrible White Balance Issue When Using Timelapse Video Function

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I would try using the following settings if applicable.


White Balance "Native"

Color:  Flat


I would also lock your ISO settings too, so a min of 100 and a max of 1600 or less (depending on lighting conditions).  


When recording in "normal" video, changing light conditions and automatic camera adjustments are a lot less noticable as it's being spread out in real time.  When recording in TimeLapse, the changing light conditions and automatic camera adjustments are much more noticable as the change ramp vs time is much more compressed and is happening a lot faster.  Hopefully the above settings will help.  You will need to color grade it afterwards in your video editor for best results, but it should be a lot more managable.

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Re: My GoPro Hero 6 Has Horrible White Balance Issue When Using Timelapse Video Function

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I appreciate the help. When I was first researching this issue I found a solution similar to that with changing the color scheme to flat. I'll have to see if my GoPro has a native option for WB though. As far as I remember, I just had either AWB or one of the kelvin values.

And yeah, I just don't seem to have these issues shooting in video mode. The white balance is relatively consistent throughout and it never has the greenish-yellow or overwhelmingly blue tones. that's what leads me to believe this issue is largely localized within the time-lapse video function. Unfortunately these are not sheens that could be fixed with color grading. If I was home with my GoPro, I'd attach samples but they aren't very workable in post.