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Re: My GoPro Hero 3 White won't update

Try following these steps, in this order:

1) Delete all update folders and files from your computer. Download just the camera update (not with Wi-Fi).

2) Extract the UPDATE folder to your computer

3) Using a SD/USB adapter, insert your SD card into your computer.

4) Perform a FULL (not quick) format of the SD card.

5) While the SD is formatting, remove the battery from your camera

6) Press and hold down the top shutter button

7) Insert the battery while keeping the top shutter pressed

8) Continue holding down the shutter while powering on the camera

9) Once the camera fully powers on, release the shutter and then power off the camera

10) Copy the files from within the UPDATE folder onto the blank SD card (Do not copy over the UPDATE folder)

11) Eject the card and place in your camera

12) Power the camera on and allow the update to complete.

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Re: My GoPro Hero 3 White won't update

Thanks for your reply.  I ran through your instructions exactly as you said and the update failed on first attempt.  If I take the battery out and turn the camera on, it will run through the update successfully, but it doesn't update the firmware.  I tried this 2 times EXACTLY as you said with out success just to rule out the possibility that the first fail was an anomily.  It also looks like the camera adds 2 empty folders (DCIM, and MISC) that were not on the card before the first update attempt, but are on the SD card after the failed attempt.


Any other guess? 




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Re: My GoPro Hero 3 White won't update

Hello @sunnyblaze21622


It will be best to work with our Support Team regarding this concern,

Please reach out to them by phone or chat through