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Re: Multiple issues with brand new Fusion...

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By the way....There is no "Expert"....The "Expert"  tried to tell me there is a working Fusion App for Android devices and even asked around the office while I stare at the website stating not until Janurary in very small print like medicine with terrible side effects.

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Re: Multiple issues with brand new Fusion...

Ever since x-mas day, i've been trying to get my Fusion just to import videos and connect to my MAC. Neither works... When I press Browse camera, it just searches for a few seconds... and then goes back to the start. When i try to add media, it goes into the folder and i can see my footage but it won't let me select it. It's been 4 days of work that's gone no where and I'm this close to returning and buying a Hero 6 which i also hear is having issues...

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Re: Multiple issues: Highlights burned in CYAN


did anyone noticed burned out highlights in CYAN on the gopro fusion? It happend only at a higher ISO. Is it a commen bug or ist my camera model just from a bad batch? I shot 13 Videos in a row an everyone got this issue. See yourself:Screenshot 2018-04-12 um 11.20.12.jpg