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Multiple issues with a new Hero 7 Black

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I recently got a new Hero 7, my first action camera, and I must say I'm appalled to learn how many issues and problems the camera has.


Firstly, there's an issue with the camera turning itself back on by itself when I try to turn it off. I already returned one camera for this reason. When the second camera did the same thing, I looked into the matter online, and it seems the issue is related to the wireless connections of the camera. Indeed, when I turned the wireless connections off the camera seemed to turn off as it is supposed to do. However, this is NOT a fix to the underlying problem itself: the wireless connections of the camera.


I would like to know what you are doing the fix the problems and with what time table. Also, now that I tested, I was able to turn the camera off when the wireless connections are on. I also tried turning the camera off from the app; at first, it re-started on its own again, and on later tries, it then turned off. This tells me that the issue is random, and that's in my opinion even worse situation.


Secondly, today the camera would not start even though there was an almost fully loaded battery inside (over 80% charge in the evening). The battery had totally discharged overnight. How can this be? In my opinion, this is totally unacceptable. There is either a serious problem either in the unit itself or in the design of the camera.


Thirdly, the battery life with this camera is just ridiculous. What's the point in designing fancy features if in real life they all need to be disabled to be able to film with the camera? Marketing and cash flow?


Frankly, having the deal with these type of issues gives me so much headache and anxiety that I'm most likely returning the camera.


tl;dr So many bugs and problems that the camera should not even be on the market.

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Re: Multiple issues with a new Hero 7 Black

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Hello @halroams


There is a recently released update for the HERO7 Black.

Please proceed with the manual update through

Let us know how it goes after the update.


Also, here are other links that may come handy:

Camera Freezes Up

Short Record Times


Let us know how it goes.





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Re: Multiple issues with a new Hero 7 Black

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I updated the camera to the latest v. 1.80 firmware - to no avail.


The camera still occasionally turns itself back on immediately when I try to turn it off if the wireless connections are on. Also, even though it seems that I've managed to turn the camera off, it might all of a sudden turn itself back on for example when it is charging. How is this possible?


As a consumer, I expect to get a fully functioning product if I pay almost 400 EUR for it. I am not a beta tester.


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Re: Multiple issues with a new Hero 7 Black

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It turns on because the connections are on and the app is checking to see if there is new media. That's how it's possible. It will also do this if you have set the camera up for auto Cloud updating. Turn connections off if you don't need them on.