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Multiple External Mics? Hero 7 Black and External Mic Adapter

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So currently Im using a GoPro Hero 7 Black with the external mic adapter. For a while I've just had a lapel mic hooked up to it for audio purpses, but as of late I've wanted to added another source into the audio feed. My first thought was to buy a simple 3.5mm splitter and see if it would allow for both audio inputs to go into the mic adapter as the same time. While it does allow both to feed into the adapter, it seems to only be one at a time. Along with this, one seems to have domiance over the feed (i.e. when the second audio source is active it complete nullifies the lapel mic) and the audio on the gopro seems to have a delay and problem deciding which one it will pipe in causing as static filled transisition period. Does anyone have an idea on how to allow two audio feeds into the mic adaptor at the same time? My next experiment was to buy a Left/Right splitter that keeps the audio seperate and see if the gopro would handle the two sources as seperate Left and Right channels in the recording. But, from what i have been reading, gopros only have a mono channel input for audio. If anyone knows if this is true or if my idea may or may not work, your help would be appreiacated!

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Re: Multiple External Mics? Hero 7 Black and External Mic Adapter

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I'd just buy a cheap digital voice recorder, the sound quality on them is far superior than a tiny pinhole microphone.  They are going to give you better info right there and then (peak meter etc.) and most of them also allow the addition of an external microphone.  Then just mix the audio properly in post production.