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Moving files from ipad go pro app to imac | PC go pro

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I have downloaded all videos from GoPro 7 hero black from gopro Camera to gopro ipad app and realized I have no space on ipad. As I have deleted the videos on gopro camera, I wanted to move somehow these videos from ipad gopro app to imac gopro app. Is there any way without using gopro cloud?


many thanks in advace

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Re: Moving files from ipad go pro app to imac | PC go pro

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Hi @epicjump58475,

If I understand it clearly, the media files were downloaded onto the GoPro App in your iPad and have already been deleted in the SD card. 

In this case, the only possible option I could think of in order to get these contents off of the iPad and transfer them to your Mac computer (without using GoPro Plus cloud storage -- with Plus, files in the App tab will be uploaded to cloud when Mobile Upload is enabled) is to save the files to your iPad so you can access them through the local Media / Photo gallery and transfer them to your Mac computer via Airdrop or iTunes Sync using USB cable.


If your iPad is already running low on storage space, I suggest that you may try downloading one file at a time from the GoPro App. Then delete the footage on the App once saved in your mobile device's local Media / Photo gallery to free up some space.

Kind Regards,