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Movies will not play after recording

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Who can help.. I just filmed 3 movies on my Gopro Hero 3+ black and when looking at the SD card I can see they are there. All 3 around 3 to 4 GB.


Only the first movie I can download and watch, but the other 2, although they are large files, won't open and play.  The computer asks for a codec, but everything used to work, nothing changed and only the first clip works. Codecs, different players won't work. My Mac Book pro, windows computer, no differense.


Can anyone help? I have the latest firmware, I tryed the hard reset. Also, when I record new clips on a different SD card, they won't play either and those files are also clearly on the SD card.



Joost van Gelder

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Re: Movies will not play after recording


Hi @toughpeak4008,


Is there a specific message or a specific codec needed?

Please let us know.


You can also contact our customer support team for realtime support.

They are available via phone or chat. 




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Re: Movies will not play after recording

Hi jay,


it doesn't give any specific codec. It just say's "something" is wrong and when you click on  "more information"   it brings you to the standard Apple heldesk site.. Which doesn't give you much help.

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Re: Movies will not play after recording


Hi @toughpeak4008


We'd like to look into this further.

Please open a case with our Support Team so we can gather additional information.

You may reach them by phone or chat.