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Mobile GoPro App Bugs

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Mobile Camera and Smartphone (Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB) version of the GoPro application (IOS version), and the application From the preview screen, go to Advanced Camera Settings and then to the item "LCD Brightness" in that section. Sliders cannot be changed.

The firmware version of the GoPro Mobile app for IOS is "6.14".

I tested this with HERO8BLACK, MAX, and HERO7BLACK, and all the results were the same.

On the camera side, you can change the brightness of the LCD with the vertical slider.

However, on the GoPro app side, the LCD brightness is always at 10% and cannot be changed.

Reinstalling the GoPro app did not solve the problem.

Resetting the camera to factory settings did not solve the problem.

Restarting my smartphone (Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB) did not solve the problem.

Is this a bug in the GoPro app?

How do I change the "LCD Brightness" from the GoPro App?

Please help me.

Please don't ignore my article if you are in charge of GoPro.

I look forward to your reply.


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Re: Mobile GoPro App Bugs

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@godv, please refer to my response to your other post.

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Re: Mobile GoPro App Bugs

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We strongly hope that this will be resolved in the next application update.


Thank you.