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Mobile App/Max360: Render Video saves incorrect keyframes. HELP

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Hi Team-


I am leveraging an iPhone X on ios 13.3.1.


I download the videos to the mobile app, open the video file in the media "App" folder, set the keyframes for the entire video, Trim clips from the video via "Render Video." The render videos are saving during the trimmed-time selected correctly; however, the video is random keyframes that appear to be the default and not anywhere close to the keyframes I've set. This only happens on two of my downloaded videos. Is this a bug, known issue, or is there a way to solve this problem? 


I moved around the trim times, and it worked on a lucky occasion it will render correctly. However, this is too rare and not a solution.


I attempted to attach a recording of this exact problem I am experiencing. In the video, it demonstrates rendering a video and the video saving incorrectly. However, the file type isn't accepted. 


Thanks in advance!




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Re: Mobile App/Max360: Render Video saves incorrect keyframes. HELP

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You can upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and then embed the video here using the link.