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Missing Telemetry Channels

We ran a few tests of the GoPro Fusion camera to extract GPS telemetry and it all worked out quite well.


But when we paid someone to take our camera and grab some footage, the GPS5, MAGN, ACC and GYRO channels were all missing from the data stream in the video footage he took. Exposure and shutter speed channels were present.


He waited for the GPS icon to become black before beginning the video, but for some reason all of the meaningful channels seem to be missing.


Could someone explain how this can happen? Can we avoid it in the future?

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Re: Missing Telemetry Channels

Hello @stevenh3702. Where the videos raw videos? Which firmware version was the Fusion in? Which program or application was used to extract the data? There is a Beta firmware update for both the Fusion and Fusion Studio that was recently released. See if updating your camera to the latest firmware will help clear the issue. There are instructions here to guide you.