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Mic Adapter Issues (Hero 6)

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Good morning.  Posting my experience so far with the mic adapter with my Hero 6.  Maybe someone has come across something or can offer some other insight on what I could be missing (if anything).


Purchased both the GoPro and the mic adapter from GoPro.  I also purchased a Rode VideoMicro.


*Built-in mic works as expected*


Using the mic with the adapter (not in QuickShot - I actually turned it off after some research just to eliminate it from the equation):

  • Standard: only static (no tapping noises, etc...just a standard white noise)
  • Standard +: only static, but louder
  • Powered: static
  • Powered +: louder static
  • Line In: Works flawlessly

So after Line In worked, I tried an iPhone headset with a TRS adapter (as the iPhone headsets are TRRS).  Same results as above.


Thinking it could be the mic, I used a friend's Canon camera and was able to record two different sound clips, one with the onboard mic and one with the Rode VideoMicro.  Both results were as expected, and proved out the Rode VideoMicro was working.


Chatted it up with GoPro support for about an hour Monday (text).  Manually updated the firmware to the current version (it was on it already, but I understand how this can be a 'troubleshooting' step).  Same results from the above list.  They decide to send me a new adapter.


Adapter arrives, so I run the tests again:

  • Standard: nothing
  • Standard +: nothing
  • Powered: nothing
  • Powered +: nothing
  • Line In: nothing

The funny part now though, the GoPro itself made a loud static noice every time I started or stopped recording.  If I unplugged and turned the adapter 180 degrees, the GoPro itself wouldn't make the static noice, but the test results were the same.


Spent another hour on the phone with GoPro support last night, mostly repeating myself 3 times on everything, and they decide to send me another adapter (obviously the adapter that was sent to me had issues). 


That being said, I asked a coworker of mine to bring in a different Canon camera today, and once again recorded a test with the microphone, and it worked as expected.


So I know the microphone works. Unfortunately I don't have another GoPro with USB-C so I can eliminate the GoPro from the equation.


Every video or blog post about the adapter seems to show it working flawlessly from the start.  Am I missing something here?  Has anyone else experienced something like this?  Just tyring to cover all my bases here.



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Re: Mic Adapter Issues (Hero 6)

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Do you need a sample video  of my Brand new one and as well Hero 5 with a Rode micro  to offer to gopro?  If you can get  your hands on another GoPro to  try out that  would help your issue out?  Are you using the USB type C   gopro cable in the promic  for external power?  Are you in a room with no other electronic devices or  high frequency lighting?   Do you have those samples posted?    Just some thoughts out loud and IMHO





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Re: Mic Adapter Issues (Hero 6)

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I’m having the same problem. I read elsewhere to pull out the mic cord one click from the mic adapter and it would work. It did but now cord is not secure and will surely fail. Not sure what to do now.
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Re: Mic Adapter Issues (Hero 6)

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The third Mic Adapter works perfectly


I was getting worried and trying to figure out how to test a Hero 5 or 6 in case there was something wrong with mine.


Thanks for all the replies!