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Memory card

Hi, can you guys let me know if i can use Samsung evo plus 64gb card card (MB-MC64GA/IN), for Hero7 black. As per gopro official recommendation, samsung Evo plus only 128GB & 256GB models are specified. I have also noticed that model suggested in official site is MB-MC128GA/AM, any significance for last two letters in code ? "AM", thanks.
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Re: Memory card

Hi @toughjump31018,


As far as I know, model numbers are significantly referring to the exact card that we've tested and known to work well with the camera model you have. 


As per the the full list of recommended microSD cards, only Samsung EVO Plus 128GB and 256GB are suggested for HERO7 cameras.


To consistently achieve the best results with your GoPro camera, we also recommend only purchasing name brand SD cards through official resellers.


If you need further details about Samsung SD cards, I suggest to check on Samsung message boards or even with Samsung Support team directly.

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Re: Memory card

Thanks for the response, but i see most of the users suggest using 64gb cards only, any reason why a higher memory card was recommended but not lower one within the same model ?
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Re: Memory card

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The list is just cards that have been tested and are known to work.  While there are some performance differences that can be found in cards based on storage and capability, in general, if the card is good for 128GB it will be fine for 32 - 64GB as well. A card at a certain storage capacity that doesn't list a smaller storage just means that particular card (make/model/SIZE) wasn't tested.


I personally have been using Samsung Evo Select (same as Evo Plus but rebranded for Amazon) and SanDisk Extreme v30.  In both case, I only use 32 & 64 GB cards. 


However, with all that I've mentioned above, it is best to stick to the specific recommended card if possible.  Mostly, this is to help trouble shooting in case you have any issues.  If you do, support will request that you do three things.  Use a recommended SD card, Reset the camera, and install the manual firmware.  By using a recommended SD card from the get go, you can help them diagnose and handle your case more expediently.