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Media on Go Pro not matching Quik App

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When I view my media on my GoPro through the Quik app (Android Phone), it's showing up as different to what is on my GoPro when I view from the GoPro directly.  I've attached  pictures, if you look after the 04:33 video, it's completely different than whats on my GoPro, even the lengths are different on the frist videos.  I don't know what's causing this and how to fix it,  I just want to be able to upload all my footage and it won't let me.





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Re: Media on Go Pro not matching Quik App

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When your GoPro records video, it splits the files up into 4GB chapters.  This is a form of protection from data loss or corruption (that way if there is data loss, only a small portion of the video is potential affected rather than the entire thing).  Depending on video settings, this equals about 8 minutes 52 seconds of video.  So everytime the 4GB file size is reached, the video file is closed and another one is created.


So in this case what you're seeing is that on your GoPro screen, it shows that there's a 30 minute video.  However this 30 minute video is actually made up of 4 seperate files, 3 files = 8:52 seconds and 1 file = 3:24


Your GoPro screen is showing that there's a 30 minute video.  However as noted above, it's not 1 single 30 minute file.  So when the files are transferred over to the app, your app now shows each individual file that makes up the 30 minute video.  So keeping that in mind, if you actually look at the files, you'll see that they do indeed match what you've recorded.  It's just that you're seeing each of the individual files that make up your entire recording.