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Media Mod not recording from external Mic

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What a joke (bad joke) of a product.. the thing is a piece od **bleep**.. Randomy the camera does recors from the external mic when using the media mod..

You MUST do a global recall.. this piece of rubbish can not be called a camera.. Its total rubbish..

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Re: Media Mod not recording from external Mic

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Hi @boldridge4531


What kind of external mic are you using?

Are you initiating the recording via Quikcapture?

Here are some links you may refer to:

External Microphone Information with the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adaptor and Media Mod

Connecting an External Microphone


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Media Mod not recording from external Mic

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All Rode Mics, no I dont use quick capture as this is another thing GoPro just cant get working..

I actually just lost a big clip due to the file corruption issue.. what a pack of absolute morons run this company..  It just needs to be closed down and pieced out to real camera companies.. Im over this **bleep**..