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Max lens Mod Night Time lapse

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Is there a way to shoot nighttime lapse with hero9 + max lens mod?

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Re: Max lens Mod Night Time lapse

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Even if there was, the resulting quality would be a much lower resolution and lower quality nightlapse than a regular nightlapse as you're shooting at a max of 2.7K using the Max Lens Mod due to the amount of cropping needed.  Whereas shooting without the max lens mod you can shoot at the full 4K resolution of Night lapse mode.


The Max Lens mod may offer a slightly wider FOV but it also uses a lower resolution, a lot of cropping and the main benefit is really the 360 degree horizon leveling.  


Not using the Max Lens Mod and shooting in night lapse mode means you are using 4K resolution, there is no cropping of the image, the FOV is actually around the same, you're just lot capable of 360 horizon leveling which isn't used in timelapse anyway.