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Max: export on android


I'm trying to export a clip from the Max (360) on android. Preview is created sucesfully but "save to phone" is reporting "not enough space". Internal memory has 6+gb free after major clean up, still gopro app claims "not enough space". I tried on both a galaxy s7 and a tab2, both of which have 16gb internal with the same result. No editing, just plain export.

Any ideas how much internal memory is needed to export? Alternatively, is it possible to chapter into smaller chunks?

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Re: Max: export on android

Hi @dannyk73


Depending on your device’s processing power, some higher resolution files may need to be converted to a lower resolution. To accommodate this process, be sure that your device has double the required space available for the content you want to transfer. 
Example: If your video is 2GB, make sure you have at least 4GB available. 


How long are these videos?

Would you be able to do a test recording while the camera is on HERO Mode?

See if you'll be able to transfer the files to your phone.

In addition, please make sure you are on the latest version of the GoPro App.


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Re: Max: export on android

Thx aragon1006! Now this a helpful answer; not that it makes me ultra happy, but I know where I stand. I was suspecting something similar. I have several of those (videos); around 3gb per chunk and the system chokes which is very consistent with the x2 space needs. I got my hands on a galaxy s8 - this one had 64gb so it did run, but after 7h i gave up. Processing power is just not there. I observed this goes exponentially ~130mb is done in under 10min, ~400mb took over 1.5h. Such is life.
My frustration is I can't download the app (goes via ms store - my business pc is locked and doesn't allow installs from the store, while home pc would need a major upgrade; if the more significant half discovers I bought another piece of hardware I suspect the max will be taking closeups of my rectum connected to her boot). Pity gopro doesn't just host the app, would have made life so much easier.