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Max 360 Wind Noise

Not so much a question, but a little heads up.

I've done some testing with my Max after suffering a complete wash out with wind disruption on a recent run. The sound naturally had to be edited out.
I contacted GoPro and they seemed to invest in the notion that a dodgy update might be causing the problem, thereby, recommend of a manual update.
Although I conceded that this might be contributing. I really wanted to know the mic priority in the wind. Say, If the screen is pointing to the user and out of the direction of wind or opposite way. Other than the update, GoPro advised to turn wind protection on rather than having it on auto.
Anyhow, I did the update, as advised and went to do some testing. This time, I filmed in front of my industrial blower. On full pelt, it gives a very narrow funnel of air at around 45mph. Powerful!
Now, Without wind setting on, it was ridiculously loud. On auto, the sound demonstrably reduced as did the full Wind setting to on. I really, couldn't see too much difference there.

Now, I'm going to have to conduct other tests, since my original footage, was shot on auto and perhaps, GoPro were right to advise a reinstall the firmware, did appear to have a reduction of noise, in comparison to my previous footage.

The main issue, that's not mentioned, are two discreet mics on the top of the Max. On all the tests I did, not once were these wind protected. Additionally, turning the sound to stereo did nothing to alter these the hugely excessive noise. In fact, the lack of wind function on these mics negated the wind protection from the others.
So, if anyone is filming with a max in windy conditions, advice is not to point the top of the max directly into the wind, try at and angle or flat on, to maximise the wind setting.

Of course, this was all a bit of overkill, what I did. But it gave me a good understanding for future positioning in windy situations.

It would be great if GoPro could incorporate the two top mics into the wind protection setting within a firmware update (although highly unlikely)