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Making it foolproof

Good people,

I often hand off my GoPro Hero 7 Black to crew members working in the field. (Cell tower construction and maintenance, etc.) More than once I've gotten it back and it's been bumped out of video mode into one of the others and I don't have footage I can use. 

The screen lock is a great feature and gets me partway there. And with the QuickStart they can just tap the shutter button to start / stop. Easy and good. BUT if they bump the power button on the side, then it can get bumped out of video mode, so we're not quite there.


Would you consider adding a MODE LOCK to the preferences?

Then it really would be a foolproof recording device I could hand off to anyone without fear that they'd accidentally foul up the recording.


Thanks for listening!


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Re: Making it foolproof

Hello @scottm7685. We appreciate the insight as it can help us build a better experience with our products and applications. We'll relay this information to the team in charge. Let us know if anything else comes up. Stay stoked & have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!