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Made an order, no email confirmation, no 'track'?

Hello, A moment ago I made the payment of the Gopro Hero 7 camera, so far I have not received notification of the purchase, please confirm that the purchase was executed successfully, I remain attentive, thank you very much. my email is




Alfonso Lenis




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Re: Made an order, no email confirmation, no 'track'?

 contact a rep a gopro mod will direct you there. the system may not be set up for auto reply, and hte office may be closed that does contact you about order recieved, prossessed etc.


Best to call and simply hand in your Email there.  not here should have used the PM as all now see it. contact a Mod    here using hte @ symbol and name they will be glad t oremove  it or use the triangle to report and remove that way to.


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Re: Made an order, no email confirmation, no 'track'?

@coolcliff41140, wen you successfully make a purchase at, you will receive an email notification and get a Sales Order number as a confirmation of your order. Anyhow, we can't seem to verify any order associated to the information that you provided.


Please double check if you placed the order with the correct email address. If the email is correct and you didn't get any confirmation email, it's highly possible that the order wasn't successfully placed.


You may also reach our to our Support team so they can look further into the details of your account. You may reach them by phone or chat.