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MTB video - Allow me to entertain you with the v01.51 Hero 6 performance

Hows it going my fellow heroes! 

Once again, im back with another interesting itch to pick with regards to the performance of my hero 6 (1st unit, updated firmware).


as some of you know, today i went and exchanged my first hero 6 (the one that had the dual/split view - see other post here ) and exchanged it with a fresh unit sporting the factory firmware. In collaboration with some of the good people in this community, we have culminated infos and came to realizing that the new update was the cause of this phenomenon. please read here to follow our findings and help us escalate the issue to gopro's R&D Department.


now.. without further adieu, please watch my video as i go test out the power of hero 6 in conjunction with the latest firmware upgrade 

V01.51. this isnt a regular biking video.. it will show glitches and flaws when you might be interested in witnessing...


and no.. its not a click bait nor a plug to my channel. i just want to share some knowledge to those seeking it.