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MAX firmware change for QuickCapture

Like many others I have had quite a lot of problems with the QuickCapture button with my MAX. It would be great if there would be a firmware update to disable the dual functionality of QuickCapture button. Quite often when I struggle to start a video from the QuickCapture button it for some reason or other starts a Time Lapse video. In my case it means that the video is lost.


Maybe there could be an option to decide what to start with a long press? Then you could assign a normal video to start when you do a long press? Then people like me would always get a normal video and not something else when MAX starts recording.


I would like this functionality even if/when the button would get fixed.

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Re: MAX firmware change for QuickCapture

I thought I was immune from this issue, but as I was going through my video from a ride a couple of weeks ago, one of the clips was a time-lapse. I was wondering what I did wrong, and then I remembered others complaining.  Yep,,, it should not be happening like that.

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Re: MAX firmware change for QuickCapture

Hi @kleake @jarmor3


We'll have this shared to the team.

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