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MAX 360 JPG from Photoshop

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I edited my 360 images in Photoshop (brightness, contrast, etc.). However, I have not adjusted the size.
After saving, the images can no longer be opened in the GoPro Player (they are not recognized as 360 degrees).

How can I view the pictures in 360 degrees ?!

Thank you

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Re: MAX 360 JPG from Photoshop

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Hello @hendrikd37. From what I observed, when a MAX 360 JPG media file is edited in Photoshop, and though exported as a spherical panorama, the GoPro Player will no longer be able to recognize the file as spherical media. The app looks for the spherical metadata of the media and when the file is edited in Photoshop, it gets stripped once exported.


If it'll help with what you need, I've tried uploading the same edited file to Facebook and it previewed as an interactive 360 photo though.


If by any chance you also have the GoPro VR Player (an old app) installed on your computer, you may try this media player as well.


Anyhow, we appreciate the details and will share the info with our team.

Let us know if anything else comes up.