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Low light mode in Hero 4 Silver is worst than Hero 3+

I just bought a new Hero 4 Silver (firmware updated) and made some video tests against my previous Hero 3+

Hero 4: Set the video to 1080 and 60fps, medium view and low light on (protune off)

Hero 3+: Set the video to 1080 and 30fps, medium view.

Look at the picture (it's a frame capture). The darkest one cames from the Hero 4 !

What is happening ? What am I doing wrong ?



Thank you

Sequence 01.Still001.jpg
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Re: Low light mode in Hero 4 Silver is worst than Hero 3+


The screen grab that you are showing actually is much more detailed, although darker, on the Hero4. You will want to adjust the brightness and contrast in post production editing. To get the best shot, turn Protune on and set the color to flat. If course if you do that, you will also need to do some color correction as well, but it will capture the most information to the video. If you don't want to do any corrections in editing, you can also adjust the ev compensation by raising it a little bit to make the picture brighter.




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Re: Low light mode in Hero 4 Silver is worst than Hero 3+

You're right, but it couldn't be different. Hero 3+ was set to 30fps and Hero 4 to 60 fps. It was expected that the image would be much more detailed.


But I understood (by watching some videos) that the "low light mode" itself would be better than Hero 3+. And the results were so disapointing.


So what you're saying is that's normal ? Even I set the low light mode to ON, the image will be darkest than Hero 3+ ?



Thanks !

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Re: Low light mode in Hero 4 Silver is worst than Hero 3+

A higher fps will give less detail, not more. The slower the fps, the more light is able to be brought to the sensor and the camera is able to use a lower ISO. With a lower the ISO, the quality is improved. Turning low light on gives the camera the ability to reduce the fps as needed to still get the best shot. You will need to look at the video file to see what the actual fps was on your Hero 4 Silver. Although you set it to 60fps (which would not give as good of a result as 30fps), since you had the camera set to low light, it might have reduced the fps to 30.

I think you need to play around with your settings more. Like I said, in your screen grab the Hero 4 is much more detailed than the 3+. Although it's not as bright, it's much better quality. You can adjust the ev compensation to brighten the picture or just do it in post with your editor.
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Re: Low light mode in Hero 4 Silver is worst than Hero 3+

Hello @grayoasis8235



There is now a new update for the Hero 4 Camera (v04.00.00), it adds more settings and improves some functions of the camera :

Performance Improvements


•Protune™ improvements:

◦Adds the ability to lock the shutter speed for greater control under different motion and lighting conditions. The Shutter setting is available for videos.

◦Adds additional White Balance settings to allow for finer adjustments when optimizing for cool or warm lighting conditions. Available for videos and photos.

◦Adds additional ISO control settings. Adds additional ISO options, adds the ability to lock the ISO setting for video and set an ISO range for photo capture.


• Adds additional Bluetooth functionality to support the Works with GoPro program.

Usability Improvements

•Adds the ability to add/remove HiLight Tags directly from the touchdisplay*

•Adds the ability to quickly move to the next or previous HiLight Tag in a video*

•Media filters** add the ability to sort content in the gallery (thumbnail) view by videos or photos so you can find specific content faster.


Filters, the slideshow option, and the ability to delete multiple files can be accessed from the Menu icon in gallery view.


General Improvements + Bug Fixes

•Fixes stability with video playback over HDMI
•Improves time lapse stability and interval accuracy
•Improves camera and smartphone reconnections
•Fixes intermittent audio issues with Periscope

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Re: Low light mode in Hero 4 Silver is worst than Hero 3+

[ Edited ]

First of all: version updated.


But I can't just raise the ev compensation because I play around inner and outer environments. If I do that, when I go outside, the image will be overexposed.


I though that I could have at least the same results with the exactly same settings... But it is worst. Last weekend I made another test and the results were disappointing. 1080p, 30fps and no auto mode. Awful footage in low light conditions. Tried to change brightness and contrast, but the image quality was terrible too.


Honestly man, if I could go back to my old Hero 3+, I would.