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Low Exposure Compensation Control

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Hi everyone, I hadn't seen this out here yet so I thought I'd mention it, and hopefully get some attention from GoPro themselves.


I am wanting to shoot high dynamic range images with my Fusion, to be used for 360 degree lighting in 3D applications.

When doing this, you need to adjust brightness levels to the absolute maximum and minimum.


On one end of the spectrum, things do work great for overexposing images intentionally, since you can simply set the photo mode to night and it'll be blown out to a semi predictable level.  But for underexposing an image, you can't do much, as there's only -2 stops of EV compensation.  It would be really nice to be able to control fast shutter speeds, and have a much wider EV range.


If you agree that this should be something added to the next firmware update, post a comment below.  Hopefully we can call GoPro's attention to it when they see it's something that people want.

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Re: Low Exposure Compensation Control

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I guess there isn't much demand. Smiley Tongue