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Loud 'White Noise' on HERO 2018 GoPro

Good day all.


I purchased a HERO 2018 about a month ago, only to find that the microphone produces very loud 'White Noise'.

Long story short, it was replaced today by the retailer with the go-ahead from the local distributor.


Came back to my office, which is very quiet, and did a short recording. This unit still produces the same problem.


The 'White Noise' increases in level at 3 seconds, topping out at 5 seconds. Even voice recording, it starts out mufled then clears up

after about 3 seconds.


Reading other posts with HERO 2018 microphone issues, it seems that there is either a glitch in the firware or the 

actual microphone is faulty in this new HERO 2018.


I hope that GoPro sorts this out urgently as I'm sure there are many of these similar issues out there.





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Re: Loud 'White Noise' on HERO 2018 GoPro

Hello @ruiv87678


Thank you for the feedback. We have reported this concern with the team in charge. We will provide you an update once we hear back from them. Alternatively, you can reach out to our Support team for a more personalized support, considering that even the replacement camera exhibits the same behavior. You can reach the team via phone or chat here


Best regards, 

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Re: Loud 'White Noise' on HERO 2018 GoPro

Hi Marius


Thank you for the reply, really appreciate it.


Reading through all the posts from other HERO 2018 users, there seems to be a global problem with the microphone on the HERO 2018.

Not only 'White Noise' but other issues that are microphone related.

This might be a firmware issue or it might actually be a hardware issue.

I've also noticed that when I dump files into Quik on my Macbook, the folders come up as HERO 5.



My colegue has also just purchased a HERO 2018 from a different retailer and is also experiencing the exact same 'White Noise'

on his camera.

His HERO 2018 shows up as folder HERO 1 when connected to a computer.


I am sure GoPro will investigate this issue and come up with a solution, be it a firmware update or an actual product recall.

I for one would expect the same quality on the HERO 2018 as that of my HERO 6, which I am very happy with.


Thanks again and I await the announcement from GoPro.

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Re: Loud 'White Noise' on HERO 2018 GoPro

Thank you, @ruiv87678. We appreciate you providing details about the issue. We have submitted your feedback to the team. We will keep you posted. 

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Re: Loud 'White Noise' on HERO 2018 GoPro

Hi @mariustanya


I trust you are doing well.


Just so we're up to speed, this is now the first replacement camera I am talking about below.


Looking at the footage of the Alberts Falls Bass Classic held this past weekend, the microphone has now started cutting in and out.

You can hear from the example I have attached. I had to do it at low res so it can be emailed, but the audio is clearly audible.

I have about eight hours of footage as I film the entire day of the tournament.


GoPro splits it’s files into 16min segments when you record continuously for long periods.

On the one clip, the last 30 seconds goes silent, then the next clip that follows in sequence, the first 9 minutes is silent, then the sound comes and goes.


Below is a screen shot from Premier, showing the silence on the audio track.


Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 13.19.40.png


This is not the same on all files, but totally random. Some could have two spots of 4-5 seconds of silence, where other files are filled with gaps in audio,

like the one you see above and attached.


Here's the kicker though, and I must express that I am disappointed at the reply.


After sending this video and screen shot to our local distributor, they have agreed to replace the camera for a second time.

They also offered me a HERO5 BLACK as a replacement, but I would have to pay in the difference, a bit of a slap in teh face if you ask me.

If I had the budget for a HERO5 BLACK, I wouldn't have bought the HERO 2018 to start with.


They also sent through my report to GoPro in San Mateo, CA, and this is the reply they got.


Hi René,


I’m well, thanks!  I hope you are too.  It’s hard to comment without hearing an actual video clip taken with the customer’s camera.  Sometimes noise interference is situational (e.g. electronic equipment, AGC compensation for quiet environment, etc.), and sometimes there is a fault with the camera itself.


If you are able to deem that there’s a fault with the camera, please replace and we’ll credit you per our normal process.





I have no idea what Monica is talking about as my HERO 6 has been performing flawlessly from day one (touch wood).

My honest opinion is that this can only be one of two problems. Either there is a faulty batch or seeing that this problem exists globaly,

something has gone pear shaped with the firmware of the HERO 2018.

GoPro needs to speed up their investigation and come up with a solution urgently as I can't keep having ruinined footage and going throuh replacement cameras


I should be getting my replacement early next week from a much higher serial number batch, so I'll report back as soon as I've given it a good run.


PS. Please send me an email and I will forward you the video file.



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Re: Loud 'White Noise' on HERO 2018 GoPro

Thank you for the update, @ruiv87678. You can upload the video to YouTube and post the link here. Better yet, if you still have a case with Monica, you can continue to submit sample clips through that case so they can take a loser look at what is happening. I am also confused with the statement on credits. But you can verify this with the agent directly through the case that was established for your concern. Best regards!