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Lost black 7

Hello<br>I have lost my black 7 in vacation in Florida, is it possible by serialnumber, to find out if its made a new user in my Camera? By the way i live in Norway, and the camera was bought here. It should have like find my iPhone, in your cameras :-) i will og course by a new one, very satisfied with the black7!<br>Regards<br>John Singh
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Re: Lost black 7

The best thing you can do is contact customer support and give them  your camera details and seriel number.  That way if someone finds it they can get in contact with you and help return it.

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Re: Lost black 7

Just to add to the suggestion above and to answer your question, unfortunately there is no location tracking service. The nearest thing to it is on the app. With the app you can make the camera beep until you find it. If course, this also means that you have to be within range of the camera andThe camera needs to have been connected within the last eight hours or be powered on.

I agree, it's an amazing camera. Really sorry to hear you lost it. Hopefully a good samaritan finds it and calls GoPro.
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Re: Lost black 7

Thanks for feedback guys! I will try to find my detalls about my camera, and send to support.
I am now back in Norway, so might this will be a long shot, but you never know ;-)