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Looking to get a used GoPro for kids skiing

 Hello -
I posted this last March 3/21/2018 and got alot of great responses especially from Danielr15.  Ski season was just about over and I never got a camera.
Here I am back where I started.  I tried to reply or restart the original thread but didn't see how to so am creating a new post (see original post below).
What would one recommend now?   THe Hero (2018) Hero7 (white) or other?
p.s. if there is a way to bring back the old tread and add this to it please let me know how to do that or if someone wants to do it feel free to go ahead. 



I am looking to purchased a used GoPro to mount on my kids (6 & 8 years old) ski helmet.


I don't need the latest and greatest.


I see in the SF bay area there are alot of GoPros on craigslist and it seems like they are not selling.  What models shoudl I be looking at, I don't want something too old nor do I need the latest and greatest and not sure I need 4K.  What models should I persue and which should I avoid?


Once I get one if it doesn't come with a helmet mount I guess I will need two helment mounts if I want to move the camera back and forth between my two kids.  What are my options here in terms of mounts.  Do I need to purchase a GoPro mount or are there aftermarket more cost effective solutions?