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Long Term Non-Continuous Timelapse

Hello all,


I want to mount my GoPro near the ceiling of my workshop in a fixed position for a month. I want to activate timelapse recording everytime I start work. 


My plan is to leave it plugged in and turned on so that I can connect wirelessly to my phone and start time lapse recording each time I start work without having to reach up to the gopro. Is this possible?


(If that was not clear, basically every morning I want to connect to my phone and activate timelapse for the day, and stop timelapse in the evening, without having to climb up to reach my camera everyday.)


Thank you for your response! 

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Re: Long Term Non-Continuous Timelapse

well it depends on the GoPro you have? If it is one that can be acessed via your phone through wifi then yes. All you need to make sure is that your card size is big enough for the files and the camera is on continuous charge.