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Livestreaming Issues

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  • Hero7 Black
  • Using good SDcard (SanDisk Extreme MicroSDXC (UHS-I / V30) A2 64GB)
  • Using latest firmware 1.90, updated by manual procedure.
  • Using Android phone with Pie version (v9) and latest GoPro app version (v6.11)
  • Format SD and Factory reset after firmware update
  • Battery 100% charged
  • Livestreaming at 720p using custom RTMP server, disabled option to save video in SD card


  1. Overheating. It was possible to stream for 01h:46s (ran out of battery) but the camera got so hot that I could barely hold it.
  2. Android app freezes when select the option "Set Up Live". If you click in the picture to open gallery and close it, the live option unfreeze. Other alternative is remove app from memory and start again.
  3. It is not possible to see battery level while livestreaming. If you don't have an external power source available, it is impossible to know how long the camera will be on for.
  4. There is no options to change basic video settings.
  5. Screen orientation mismatch after set up live. Please check the attached photos (taken in the same time)20200427_151549.jpg20200427_151615.jpg
  6. Abnormal screen behavior after set up live. It was reproduced only one time, solved after reboot.20200424_114406.jpg



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Re: Livestreaming Issues

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Hi @ericw0027


Thank you for the details.

Please note that orientation is not carried/kept on the live stream.

The battery level is not displayed on the LCD screen(HERO7 Black). You may check it on the front screen instead.

For longer recordings, it is suggested to take the battery out and plug the camera to a power source.


What phone are you using?

To further isolate the freezing issue, kindly try pairing the camera with another phone and see if the same is observed.