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Live streaming Problems - Razer Phone 2

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I have set up and updated my new GoPro Hero Black 7, I installed and then reinstalled the Go pro App which finally allowed me to setup my facebook live over my phones Hot Spot (FYI it would be advisable to instruct turing on your phone Hot Spot and it proper setting first  for novice users in the the live stream setup instructions. I thought i had everything ready to go but this morning when trying to connect the camera would not connect to my wifi hot spot. Camera connect very quickly when paired via blue tooth but the wifi connection just seesm to be buggy, delayed and frankly a gian pain in the ass. I can only assume that none of the setting are saved and that I will have to go through this every time I wish to livestream. I upgraded from the Hero 6 so I could livestream/facebook live through a GoPro verse the Razer Phones Camera. Please advise me if I am doing anyting incorrectly? I have tried 5 and 2.5 but it made zero differance and got the same result (Can't connect ... try again). I am hopefull there is an update comming soon to fix these issues and make the connection easier with the setting saved?