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Linear Mode for 4K

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Do you think or does anyone know if GoPro will have a linear mode for 4K.    2.7k linear is okay and is a decent option to post software correction, but I was thinking, rather hoping that once they released the Hero 7 black, eventually they would add linear in the next update. So far, that has not happened.  



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Re: Linear Mode for 4K

With the current sensor size that GoPro is using, and most likely will continue to use, there really isn't enough pixel space to correct for Linear. Basically, every resolution that you get on the camera is coming off of the same 4K sensor, so 2.7K is pretty much as close to in camera linear view for 4K that you can get. What editing software do you use? Most editors have a tool for correcting lens distortion. In Adobe Premiere Pro, for example, the effects panel has several GoPro specific lens correction tools.
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Re: Linear Mode for 4K

N=Booneknowsif hopro cando Linear in 4K but maybe they will look int othat on the Hero 8 next time  stay tuned a firmware upgrade is coming in December   but who knows whatto expect on that  use the editor and crop jus a li and youget simulaer results

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Re: Linear Mode for 4K

Perhaps when there's a 6k Hero out they will have a 4k linear mode.  In order to produce a linear image the camera needs extra resolution to be able to apply a distortion. 


To correct the lens distortion it needs to take a fish eye image

01 Fisheye.jpg



Apply a pin-cushion distortion to it

02 pincushion.jpg


then crop out the usable central area at the required resolution

03 cropped.jpg


as you can see there is an amout of overshoot necessary to give a clean image.  The closer you get to the edges of the undistorted image the lower the quality as the original pixels have been stretched to take up more space

05 Comparison of image.jpg



You can always do the conversion in post if you want to get the most out of the image and don't mind the black bars.  Gives it as (not so) cinematic wide screen look (minus the shallow depth of field, Bokeh, etc)

04 letterbox.jpg



Converting the standard action camera fisheye effect into a cinematic look using Lightworks. Lightwork effects downloadable from Sorry about the lousy audio
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Re: Linear Mode for 4K



You can do LINEAR stills on both Hero5, 6 and 7 so the missing LINEAR 4K function is basically only due to missing processing power at 4K IMO. While there might be some scaling of pixels this is insignificant.


For now use lens correction / dewarp functions in the video editor. Or use 2.7K and just upscale to 4K for You Tube, ;-) At least if not all your shoots are GoPro and/or LINEAR this is a workable approach.

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Re: Linear Mode for 4K

mybad what I wrote sorry