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Leaving the Zoom setting fixed on a Hero 7?

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I have recently purchased a Hero 7 Black to replace my previous Hero 4 Silver. I mainly use my GoPro for Underwater Video, but the Hero 7 even on Linear is not a close a shot as the old Hero 4 on Narrow.

It would be fine if I could fix the new Zoom feature, but obviously, with the use of the Waterproof case you have no access to the touch screen and when you turn the camera off the Zoom feature resets to normal.


Is there any way of fixing the Zoom on the close range so that it does not reset on camera power down?


This would be a really powerful feature if the Zoom feature could be left as originally set.


Any ideas? or proposed upgrades?

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Re: Leaving the Zoom setting fixed on a Hero 7?

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Aswe all know GoPro improves with the latest Firmware's   the features and functions we want.  They simply taken away the Narrow and gave us Zoom.  We go forward not backwards.   Some of the other improvements were    dimming thescreen, wake  on wireless voice command.  etc. 


 maybe in teh  future they'll offer back again the FOV narrow and have a Lock, other then that you are best to shoot in a Higher res and or Crop  you'll get a Better shot if asked. then oom in on a sensor and losing quality.