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Lavalier Microphone Gain Control

I am setting up my motovlog rig in my helmet for my motorcycle.
I want to record my voice by plugging in a lavalier microphone in the media mod.
But since there is not much space in my helmet, the microphone will be super near my mouth.
Due to this the microphone can’t handle the volume of my voice.
To adjust this the Gain needs to be adjusted. I am wondering if the GoPro Hero 9 has a build-in auto gain control,
That adjusts the gain according to the situation or something?

If not, do you have advise on how to solve this issue?
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Re: Lavalier Microphone Gain Control

Hello, @megarange8164. The HERO9 Black has an automatic audio gain and it depends on the audio mode selected. Also, you would definitely want to make sure that the proper mic (powered, standard…etc.) is selected, and do some testing to find the right setting for your particular setup. 

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Re: Lavalier Microphone Gain Control

Thank you!
I will receive my lavalier microphone tomorrow, which I will be connecting to the media mod which I received a few days ago.
The lavalier microphone will be powered by the GoPro Hero 9 itself, so I guess the first option will be the right setting for me, right?
That is awesome to know that there is an auto gain adjuster build-in in the GoPro Hero 9!
That will work perfectly for my motovlogging!
Also I received an email that the SD card that was missing in my package will be delivered any time soon!
Thank you for everything Smiley Happy