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LapTop what do you use

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Hi All
Looking to find specs for a laptop to allow fast downloads from Hero6 Black and viewing and editing of videos.
Thanks in advance
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Re: LapTop what do you use

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The speed of the laptop won't really matter with downloading files from the Hero 6, that will depend on the speed of your USB ports attached to the laptop (which will be slower than just taking out the SD card from the Hero 6 and inserting it into an SD card reader and inserting that into your laptop directly).


For editing, it really depends on what resolutions and frames rates your going to want to be working in.  Are you happy with just 1080P @ 30 FPS?  Or are you wanting to edit and create video in 4k?  Also, what is your budget going to be for your laptop purchase?  


I would recommend getting the most ram available, the largest SSD available, I wouldn't get anything less than an I-8750 processor and a GTX 1050 or better graphics card.  a 15" screen is an ok size for editing on the go (after all you can connect to a larger display when at home) however I find a 17" screen is much better, but the bigger size mean it's more heavy to carry around.