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Lack of Customer Service

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It would apprear GoPro do not provide any customer service.


I ordered a camera on 11th June - still not here?


  • If you go on the customer chat - they do not know anything - just repeat the phrase, we are processing your order?


  • same after holding for ever on the phone support?


  • imposible to contact any member of staff with any knowledge or respect for customers


Their staff do not have an access to any information - its quite pointless them answering the phones or the website chat.


Is this the experience of most customers as i only checked - this too late?


82% of customers rated them BAD - most for lack of customer service 


If you are thinking of purchasing - maybe chose a company that has some respect for its customers - these certainly do not! - which is a shame as i like the product.


I doubt anyone from GoPro reads these - but by some chance if anyone from GoPro does - please let us know why you disrespect your customers in this way 



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