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LRV and THM files staying on SD card

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So twice now, I had to reformat my SD card because I couldn't store videos on them anymore. I usually use Quik to download AND erase the videos after being copied to my PC. Today, I've put the SD card into my computer and what do I see? 3.3 GB worth of LRV and THM files from just the 8th til today! No wonder after a while I'm running out of space! Is there a way to remove them AT THE SAME time as the videos when they are being uploaded? If not, what's the point of deleting the videos after being uploaded if you're gonna leave low res versions of these videos hanging around on the SD card???


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Re: LRV and THM files staying on SD card

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If you reformat the card in the camera after downloading the content, it will also remove those files.