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LCD Screen Not Working

Good day!

Could someone give me any email address with GoPro support team?

I am having troubles with my Go Pro Hero 5 at the moment. The touch screen has stopped responding and all I see is a black screen which has practically nothing in it.

I observed this the day after I went swimming on the beach. I had used my gopro to take photos underwater a couple of time already and I always made sure that the unit is locked. As I turned on my unit, The touch screen is just blank, no response at all. But the small screen at the side of the lens was working alright.

I tried searching for any available answers on the internet but sadly I could not find anything that works. I went to your nearest service center and they told me that an ingress of water inside the unit is the cause of this. I always make sure that the battery and the charging ports are locked before using it. I have been using this unit a number of times already and this never happened. They told me to contact GoPro Suport Hub before they could accept the unit.

I was trying to access the live chat for the past two weeks but it says 'all agents are busy right now'and could get on even if I try again later. As I live in the Philippines, International calls are really expensive.

Hoping for a much simpler way to contact Go Pro Support.

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Re: LCD Screen Not Working

Hi @hardycliff42842,


You will need to reach out by Phone or Chat to get a case going for your issue. Our support Team is experiencing higher than normal volumes but are working through each contact in the order in which they were received as quickly as possible. Once you get a case going you will be able to work with an agent by email if necessary.