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Re: Kein GPS

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you need to be outdoors with a clear unobstructed view of the sky. The shots you have attached show you are very clearly sitting indoors at your PC. This is why you're not seeing a GPS connection.
Auch nach fast einer Stunde unter freiem Himmel erhalte ich kein GPS Signal
>The places I use the GoPro Hero9 are outdoors and in the fields.

Being outdoors for an hour and not acquiring a GPS signal is only part of the advice you were given. Please see additional information below:

You need to have the lastest firmware on your camera. Ver 1.5 as of this writing.
>Yes. The latest update is Ver. 1.5

As instructed, you need to ensure you have GPS lock before recording, so dont use quick capture. So it doesn't matter how long you were outdoors, if you started recording before you obtained GPS lock, you will not record any GPS information.
>Following the instructions on the GoPro, I activated the GPS before shooting.
>I don't use quick capture at all. Before recording, set the GPS function to "ON" and use it. However, the GPS indication does not appear.

Also, is your GoPro in a case such as a 3rd party Alluminium assembly, or a GoPro Media Mod? Both of these would block GPS signal.
>I don't use the GoPro case or other accessories at all. I just held it with my finger and recorded it while walking.
>There are no situations that could interfere with receiving GPS signals.
>>Your excellent explanation will help users and solve GPS problems.

My GoPro Hero9 arrived in Singapore yesterday and will be delivered to them.
This is already the third exchange.
It is a problem with software functions and an issue with the status of the product.
In addition, this third exchange was contacted by them after waiting for about a month.
In the meantime, I asked them more than 10 times and asked for explanations and answers.
My first purchase of GoPro was on November 20, 2020 on the official website.