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Karma Grip will not turn on Hero 7 Black

I have updated my Karma grip to the latest firmware update available as of 1-27-19.  I have done the same for the Hero 7 Black. 

After connecting the camera to the grip, and power on the grip. The karma grip powers on just fine but does not turn on the camera. The grip will power on, and the camera will show the lights indicating power. The grip seems to work just fine as a gimble, provided I manually turn on my camera and manually hit record on the camera. 

The camera shows that it is charging from the grip so I can see it is connected. 
Any advice would be great. 

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Re: Karma Grip will not turn on Hero 7 Black


Hi @plunderfest


Please try these steps:

  1. Disassemble the Karma Stabilizer the Grip (Take the camera out of the harness, harness off stabilizer, and stabilizer off handle). Reassemble everything.
  2. Ensure the Karma Stabilizer is up to date. (attach to Karma Grip and connect to Quik for Desktop. Keep in mind, this is only for the stabilizer and not the Grip Handle)
  3. Try performing a Hard Reset again 
  4. Performing a Calibration to the Grip.

Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Karma Grip will not turn on Hero 7 Black

The above did not work.

I had to re-assemble everything. Turn on the gopro7 in the harness, then I performed a hard reset on the karma grip with the gopro ON. Everything works again now.
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Re: Karma Grip will not turn on Hero 7 Black


Thanks for letting us know @plunderfest.