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Just for curious - how fast are cards.

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Hi guys,


For couple of days I have been think about to buy another micro sd card for my GoPro7HB. I consider 64 or 128 GB but I was not sure which brand is more reliable. So I took all of my cards and test it a little bit in CrystalMark.


For users of GoPro is the left side of this picture. As you can see SanDisk = Samsung. I know both got the different size but have the same standard. In my country (Poland) SanDisk is just a bit more expensive than Samsung. I have this Samsung card for over 1 year and it is still good like SanDisk which I get from GoPro when I bought this camer. What brand do you prefer and what experience you would share with us about it ?


Anyway this benchamark is just for curious how fast some devices could be:


sdcard compare.jpg

Ps: Here is my YT channel:

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Re: Just for curious - how fast are cards.

I was always a Sandisk fan, once I purchased the HERO7 I decided to give the Samsung Evo a go.


The Sandisk are well over rated on paper than in real life. All the genuine Extreme cards were well under theri listed spec. The Samsung cards were only a few megs under their listed spec. Goodbye Sandisk.....staying with Samsung.


Performance tested with Black Magic speed test.



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Re: Just for curious - how fast are cards.

I have had much better luck with Samsung cards than SanDisk. I primarily record with my HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, and HERO5 Black. Of the eight SanDisk Extreme v30 cards that I am using, two now have been identified to cause issues. I tested one of them in my son's HERO7 White and started getting similar freezing and excessive heat. I have four Samsung Select, two Samsung Pro and one Samsung Pro Plus. All of them work great and have given me no issues. My son normally uses a Samsung Evo Select in his HERO7 White and has no issues. my eldest son uses the Samsung Evo Select in his HERO7 Black and has not had any issues. I also use a Lexar 1000X and it works fine.
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Re: Just for curious - how fast are cards.

@roccopirr  and @danielr15  thank your opinions. No doubt I get Samsung I think this card is enough good for GP7HB.  I use those on my picture but I ll get another one 128GB.

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Re: Just for curious - how fast are cards.

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hi all,


@enc3ladus - when H7 came, I bought the same Sandisk V30 as in Hero6.


but, as @danielr15 and @roccopirr mention, my experience also with Sandisk in H7 was not as good...


I decided to raise the bar to 256GB, and purchased Samsung Evo Plus 256GB - Black Friday.


since I'm very happy.

the heat is also lower with Samsung, this "proofs" works better with this card than with Sandisk:


with Samsung Evo plus 256GB

in a 25 C office (77 F)

at 4K 50fps

after 20min 52 C = 126 F

after 30min 54 C = 129 F

after 35min 54 C = 129 F - so entered in a stady situation....


with SanDisk Extreme 128GB (this is the one I use in hero 6)

in a 25 C office (77 F)

at 4K 50fps

after 15min 56 C = 133 F

after 20min 57 C = 134 F

after 28min 60 C = 140 F  - I stopped!!! 


just me,