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Re: Jitter in photo time-lapse sequence

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No progress in this matter? GoPro doesn't seem to care? Do i need to buy the Hero8, if i want this fixed? Why should i buy the 8, it has probably the same issue?!

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Re: Jitter in photo time-lapse sequence

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trying to get a nice morning sunrise this morning. Once i transferred the files of approx 700 photos to the cloud media library, I can see the jittery timelapse. I shot at 1080, PT on, interval 5s


waited for an hour, but felt so frustated and this thread seems to be ignored by gopro team. Please help to fix this!

Otherwise I am not gonna invest more in Max which I have plan in the pipeline for 2020



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Re: Jitter in photo time-lapse sequence

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GoPro hero 7 is outdated, like a VCR they change models  add a single feature and badge it the newer model, troubles not fixed.   Not all GoPros have the troubles, one will have  nightlapse  hot pixals, the other a freeze, etc..


@jefft   He can  contact a Team Player see  if any  fixes are there.


I am sure the answer will be to Always check back at 


see below the notes and that is the  fix wait,wait, and wait.   ANd while the Hero 8 is the latest that more or  less closes teh issue out.   DO you think GoPro should Do a Free Trade in if you can prove you have a trouble to them , within reason.    GoPro is about satasfying a customer and making  them have the best experience ever.


If you the Poster wanting to get a Max, by all means get one, because the hero 7 failed you on that feature and saying to gopro sorry I am not going to, what do you think GoPro will say?



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