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Issues with my order hero 8

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"Hello ****,

We thank you for your most recent GoPro Order SO-******. Unfortunately, we have encountered an issue with the order and have had to cancel the order. You may be able to resubmit your order by clicking HERE.

We apologize for the delay in processing your order and we understand you wish to receive your order in a timely manner. 

Thank you, 
GoPro Customer Support"



I tried ordering 3 times with the recheck of my billing and shipping address, they were correct and everything however I kept getting cancelled saying that they encountered an issue with my order so I went to live chat to ask for why and they said they have no idea why and highly recommend me to reorder which I have done again and then same thing happened esp with the same message from live chat too. Any idea why? if not, is there another solid website that offers go pro and screen protection or any other camera that's as good as them I can take a look at?? Im doing it for youtube 

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Re: Issues with my order hero 8

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Yes, there's a site called Amazon, they sell GoPro's there.